Getting Started

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Once we receive your Registration Form, here's what happens next.

Please note - time frames are in general terms and may be different for your student since we accept rolling enrollment throughout the year.

Registration Confirmed

The Registration Form is processed and confirmed via email receipt. Clonlara Registrar requests student records from previous school - if applicable.

Student Materials Sent 

A Clonlara Advisor is assigned to the student. Clonlara sends the student a learning style assessment (high school level only), interest survey, a student ID card, and login information for the Clonlara Commons web portal (for completing online forms, viewing transcripts. etc.).

Additional materials depending upon which program a student enrolls in will be sent, for example: A Home Based Program Elementary Guide, A Home Based Program Secondary Guide, An Online Program outline of next steps.

Student Completes Surveys & Advisor Consultation Held

The Student completes and submits the learning style survey (high school level only) and the interest survey to their Advisor.

Parents call to schedule an initial consultation with the student's assigned Advisor. Consultations are usually by phone but can be held in person if you are within driving distance of our offices in Ann Arbor. Before the consultation, both the parent and student review the Clonlara Education Guide and develop questions. They also bring their ideas about specific classes and curriculum materials that they want to study to the meeting.

Parents, Student & Advisor Collaborate on Education Plan

During the initial consultation, the parent, student and Advisor collaborate together on developing an educational plan for the year (or semester.)  The Advisor supports the plans and goals of the family and can make recommendations on ways of approaching learning, resources and materials to use, and ways to track progress. The Advisor can also do research to find additional resources to support specialized coursework that the student plans to undertake. Students and parents gather materials and resources.

Student Education Plan Implemented

With information gathered from the consultation, the Advisor creates a Summary Plan outlining what the student is planning to focus on for the semester. Students implement their educational plan, keep track of their learning and contact Advisors for help as needed.  Advisors check in periodically to see how things are going.

Progress Reports & Credit Request Forms (at the end of a typical 18-week semester)

For grades K-8, parents submit semi-annual progress reports to Advisors (twice each year in January and again in May). At the high school level,  students submit Credit Request Forms online for Advisor review and approval.  See the Home Based Education Program calendar for specific due dates.

Official Records & Transcripts (at end of semester/year)

The Registrar maintains student records and puts approved high school credits on transcripts. High school transcripts may be viewed online at the Clonlara Commons. Clonlara will generate elementary report cards upon request.





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What Parents Say

“I feel much better working with Clonlara, an accredited, professional organization, than trying to home school unaided."

— Sheryl James, Michigan

“Clonlara’s approach to learning has encouraged Mitchell to expand far beyond doing only what is required.“

— Shelia Stephenson, Michigan

“...you are always there to answer questions, give good suggestions, and put a "face" on the hours of work and effort that goes into Mandi's high school graduation (and beyond) prep.  Thank you."

I. Shaw-Koehler, New Jersey

“I really can't tell you how excited I am! I spent quite a while and went through the resources below! They are fantastic! I have to thank you for the time and effort that you must have spent in putting these together!

We had a really great first week where I was free to teach them concepts that I thought were important. For instance this week, I taught them the importance of asking questions and the process of scientific inquiry.

I truly just wanted to share with you my whole family's delight in your school. This first week has been wonderful and my two boys have done more work voluntarily than ever before! So thank you again for giving me the freedom to teach.”

— Dilshad Hirji, Florida

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Clonlara School is welcoming:   We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, nationality or ethnic origin in administration of our educational and admissions policies.